How to do Proper SEO:

Many agencies and individuals don’t understand how to perform proper SEO and are either using outdated methods of SEO or are providing their clients with ‘Blackhat’ SEO.

We follow along using three main steps when performing SEO on websites and have tried to influence others into doing the same and it’s clear to us which methods bring success and which don’t.

Step 1: Research & Adaptation

Making sure your SEO methods are up to date is the first and foremost thing you should take into consideration when performing SEO on any website or giving advice to other individuals or groups of individuals as you may be caught short when being approached in 6 months time when no results have come through.

We tend to use three main websites to read up on recent changes with SEO and make sure that all our methods are up to date:

  1. provides lots of up-to-date news covering all Major changes to SEO and any information released by top companies (such as Google or Bing).
  2. contains a wide variety of information under many different categories including SEO, PPC and Social Media.
  3. also provides lots of recent news and provides you with pages full of tips on how to up your SEO game.
Proper SEO with Analytics

Step 2: Time Management & Optimisation

One hole many SEO Agencies fall into is completing the least effective tasks first. For example, furnishing a house before even having the walls built.

With many new SEO strategies being released such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), it’s important to have a priority list of what work should be completed first on a website and this tends to be ordered by Structure, Effectiveness and then the amount of Time it would take to complete.

Things such as AMP, Google Analytics and any other technical methods should be implemented in the first place for numerous different advantages & bonuses such as having the historic data from Day 1 with Google Analytics. Having all these things implemented in the first place will make it less-of-a-pain to implement in the future and may even provide you with data you need 6 months down the line.

Next you would want to implement the ‘big hitters’, methods that have a big effect on your websites visibility such as a Robots.txt file, an XML sitemap and even Meta Information (titles and descriptions). These things combined will give you an immediate boost in visibility. Also making sure to have all your software setup (Google Analytics, Search Console etc) with correct conversion tracking also adds to this.

After this, it’s all about the on-going optimisation. Make a list, have things you plan to implement on the website you’re working on and work through it. Making sure to stick to Step 1 and keeping note of any changes is key to this, and if a whole new piece of new technology comes into place – Bump it up to #1 and make sure it’s implemented immediately as this may be the difference between you ranking below and above your competitors.

Step 3: Using your Initiative & Communication with others

One of the most important things with SEO is using your own initiative to figure out what will work well for one business and what will work well for another. There are hundreds of individual factors that contribute to a website’s visibility on Google and for most, different factors carry different weightings depending on the nature of the industry of the business etc.

Figuring out which methods should be implemented first is on the basis mentioned in Step 2. This all falls down to initiative and requires you to be forward thinking for the months and potentially years ahead.

If you’re responsible for a businesses’ SEO, make sure to stay in touch and ensure that the keywords you’re targeting are correct and that they are satisfied with the results. In most cases, businesses have spare hands and are more than happy to take over some of the workload. This can help for some of the longer tasks such as Image Titles & Alt Tags, or Meta Information of pages on their website. This allows you to make much more progress on the website in the same amount of time.


There are many steps within SEO, and it’s an on-going process and making sure you follow the three steps above is key to success.

Research, Plan and Communicate.

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